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Our oils are sourced from artisan distillers who know the farms and farmers where the plants are grown. The plants are the best available: organic, biodynamic, sustainably harvested, and/or wildcrafted in the most pristine regions of the Planet. No chemicals are used in the distillation process and no oils are diluted with carriers. They are full strength and must be used cautiously. Normally one drop every 2-3 days or as needed is sufficient. With milder oils, such a lemongrass or basil, two drops per day is not unreasonable but please do not try this with wild oregano, cinnamon bark, clove bud, or thyme.


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Schisandra Berries, CO2 Extraction, 5 ml.

Schisandra sphenanthera

Source: Germany

Schisandra berries are very potent adaptogens that have been used for centuries to enhance stamina. By processing the berries using a CO2 extraction method, no solvents are used and the full range of chemical constituents of the berries is preserved. The concentration is extreme so most people using this oil would dilute it in fruit juice or add to a carrier to use externally to improve skin tone. As an adaptogen, schisandra is known to protect against a wide variety of stressors, such as extreme cold as well as exposure to toxins. It is particularly helpful for vision and the liver, but a popular use to protect against oxidative stress, including that which leads to inflamaation and mutations.

Contents: CO2 processed Schisandra sphenanthera fruit.