Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffuser and Stand

Many people are frustrated by the lack of availability of good personal care products that are safe to use. Making your own perfumes and deodorants is not only very simple but quite a lot of fun. See the suggestions for do-it-yourself deodorants. . .

Violet Glass Bottle with Reducer Cap, 5 ml.

These dark violet glass bottles are imported from Switzerland. They hold about a sixth of an ounce, enough therapeutic grade essential oil for many months.

Violet Glass Bottle with Reducer Cap, 30 ml.

Violet glass bottles protect the contents from deterioration due to light penetration. The bottles are exceptional quality. They come with a reducer cap and seal. When the lid is tightened, it automatically creates a safety seal and inserts the reducer into the glass bottle, allowing the user to dispense one drop at a time.

Violet Glass Bottle with Reducer Cap, 100 ml. Violet Glass Bottle with Reducer Cap, 100 ml.

This bottle holds just a bit more than three fluid ounces of whatever one wants to store in it. The dark glass prevents from damage due to harmful light, thereby significantly extending the shelf life of the product. The bottle comes with a reducer cap.

Roll-On Cap for Violet Glass Bottles

These caps fit the violet glass aromatherapy bottles: 5 ml., 30 ml., 100 ml. The roll-on is in the cap and when the cap is twisted onto the bottle, the roll-on goes into the bottle so that when the cap is removed, it is just a cap and the applicator is attached to the bottle. It can be reused if removed carefully from empty bottles.

Spray Cap for Violet Glass Aromatherapy Bottles

This cap fits all the essential oil bottles, but the length of tube might have to be adjusted (cut) in order to fit the smaller bottles.

Violet Glass Apothecary Jar, one liter

These violet glass apothecary jars are extremely high quality and are suitable for the most discerning artisan herb makers.

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