Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffuser and Stand
Specializing in therapeutic use of essential oils for air quality remediation and health. Our diffuser nebulizes the oils which in turn inhibit the growth of mold and microorganisms.


Essential Oil Blend similiar to Thieves Diffuser Blend, organic, 30 ml.

This blend of 100% pure, steam distilled organic essential oils is intended for use in rooms that have a history of mold. When used over a period of weeks, the mist creates an invisible shield that inhibits mold growth. The spores may still be there, but the oils discourage the mold from becoming vegetative. Of course, the oils smell very nice so this blend can be used to improve the smell in a room. The oils can be inhaled but the recommended amount is 3-5 minutes of inhalation. This length of time is not adequate for mold protection so the rooms should be vacant most of the time when diffusing for hours or days on end.

Professional Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Nebulizer with Organic Essential Oil Blend

This ultrasonic nebulizer is used with water. It has an automatic shut off in case the water level is too low. It can be used with high quality, pure essential oils as an air purifier, disinfectant, or humidifier. Since we specialize in therapeutic use of essential oils, we recommend two to five short inhalation sessions per day. Sit three to six feet from the unit and inhale some of the aromatic vapor for not more than five minutes. It is safe to run the nebulizer in an empty room, no pets or people, for days at a time to inhbiit mold growth and/or purify the air. We are willing to help you to choose the right oils but will ship this unit with two small samples.

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